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"Making Time to Market" Workshop
"I know I NEED to market... I just don't have TIME!" Ever said that? If so, you are NOT alone! Hundreds upon hundreds of business owners say this quite often. With the necessity to wear many hats and juggle personal and professional lives, business owners sometimes put off or push aside marketing... then wonder, "why is my business plateauing?"
***NOTE: This workshop is designed to show you how to budget time for marketing activities. It is not a session to develop your marketing plan...
that's a different workshop... click to read about it!***

"Making Time to Market" Private Session Workshop
2-hour session... Choose Your Date/Time!
Location: Office of Jordan & Jordan
2003 S. El Camino Real, Ste 102
Oceanside, CA 92054
Using this simple and effective
proprietary time management system,
  • Find out how to budget and block your time to include marketing
  • See and set realistic boundaries for business AND personal time
  • Discover how to manage the “many hats you wear”
  • Learn how to accommodate the unexpected
  • Gain control over your time as you visualize your week

  • One-on-one, hands on session
  • Key Points Materials/Workbook
  • Electronic Templates
  • Instruction Manual
  • Your next week's time block COMPLETED at workshop!

JUST $119

Preferred Day of Week
Preferred Time of Day (AM/PM)

***NOTE: A familiarity with Excel is needed for this workshop***
If you have questions about this requirement, please email

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