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Referral Program Campaign

Client: SIFT® Personal Training
When it comes to their unique personal training concept, SIFT® found that referrals weren't coming in as much as they should be for the industry. We took a look at the referral campaigns they had tried in the past and looked at their services and incentives offered. After discussion with the client, we helped them to develop a more aggressive referral program with a 3-fold marketing blitz: email, mailer/handout and signage.

Results: This is a recently-implemented campaign (for 1Q 2008) so the numbers are not in yet... however, because of the dual incentive (free session for the referral; 1 month free for the member), we feel that referring will be easier and more appealing for the member and hence the number of referrals will increase.

"Jordan & Jordan has helped us develop and implement our marketing plan and campaigns. My absolute favorite part about working with them is that they are like a part of my team... always there thinking about and working for us... no matter what comes up!"
Erica Williams, BS, ACSM H/FI

Please take a moment to visit,
Unique Personal Training Facility
SIFT® Personal Training.

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