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Marketing Matters! eNews Archive - 2009

December 2009 - ROI [ahr•oh•ahy] n. Acronym: Return on Investment
The measure of success of a marketing campaign by financial gain after taking into account customer lifetime value.

November 2009 - call to action [kawl•too•ak•shun] n. 1. A statement in an advertising or marketing campaign that prompts a potential customer to act. 2. A request made by the marketer for the consumer to do something.

October 2009 - dialed in [dahy•uhld in] n. 1. Being alert to marketing opportunities. 2. State of thinking characterized by keen awareness regarding self-promotion, marketing and branding.

September 2009 - psychographics [sahy•kuh•graf•iks] n. 1. Use of demographics to determine behaviors, interests, attitudes and preferences of a particular target group. 2. Elements of lifestyle.

August 2009 - CMYK [see.em.wahy.kay] Acronym: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (Black). The four inks used in 4-color process (or "full-color") printing. A CMYK color is expressed as a set of 4 numbers (e.g. 50 25 36 8) defining the quantity of each ink needed.

July 2009 - WOM [wom] n. Acronym: Word Of Mouth. The passing of information by verbal means, especially recommendations, in an informal, person-to-person manner.

June 2009 - click thru [clik.throo] (also clickthrough) n. The selection of an ad or link on a web page or email which is tracked as part of the effectiveness of the feature or campaign.

May 2009 - collateral [] n. Marketing materials used for representing the company such as catalogs, sell sheets, a leave-behind, brochures, a website, etc., typically not related to any one specific campaign.

April 2009 - piggyback [] v. 1. Creating a marketing message that "rides" on the current mindset of the target audience that is created by trends, commercials or other media. 2. Low-cost market entry strategy.

March 2009 - WIIFM [wif.uhm]n. Acronym: A mode of thinking when investing time in marketing activities. Used as a way of subjectively analyzing benefit vs. investment.

February 2009 - speed bump [speed buhmp] n. A device used to cause slowing in traffic. Used in marketing to describe attention-grabbing exhibits at tradeshows or expos.

January 2009 - [toh.muh] n. Acronym: Top Of Mind Awareness - 1. The brand or company a person thinks of first when they are asked about a certain industry. 2. A goal in marketing for brand recognition and customer loyalty.

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