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Marketing Matters! eNews Archive - 2010

August 2010 - Take Action to...GENERATE LEADS.
Are you exhibiting at a trade show or expo? Do you have a goal when you attend a networking event?

July 2010 - Take Action to...FOLLOW UP.
Do you fall short on follow up? Is your follow up always a frenzy?

June 2010 - Take Action to...GET MORE REFERRALS.
What are you doing to encourage referrals?

May 2010 - Take Action to...BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.
Who is a person you recently met? Building Relationships is part of marketing you and your business.

April 2010 - Take Action to...BE CONSISTENT.
Does all of your marketing materials have the same look and feel? Are you implementing campaigns on a regular basis? Are you mixing messages?

March 2010 - Take Action to...SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE.
Is your marketing properly conveying key differentiators and benefits? Are you using the right marketing language?

February 2010 - Take Action to...MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION.
Do your prospects see you as professional just from your marketing materials?

January 2010 - Take Action to...PLAN.
Which marketing strategies are right for you? Which should you include and implement in your marketing plan?

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