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This year (2021), we are combining our two big events in the hopes that we can actually hold this ONE event in the fall. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

The Business Explosion – slotted originally for October 2020 and the Business Women’s Mega Mixer – rescheduled from 2020 to March 2021 are merging into ONE event for 2021.

Thursday, October 21, 2021
Time/Location TBD

The individual event websites are no longer active right now as we establish one for this blended event.

If everything is moving in the right direction pandemic-wise, promotion for MEGA BOOM 2021 will begin in mid-to-late April 2021.

Stay tuned!

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Your favorite marketing agency is working on their OWN project… a new web presence. We will, of course be continuing to work for YOU as usual, however, while we carve out time for this exciting new endeavor, please use the information below to connect and learn more about our upcoming events.

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